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International Nuclear Law Association (INLA) Congress 2024

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About the event

Save the date and mark your calendars for the 25th Nuclear Inter Jura Congress, which will take place in Warsaw, Poland, from Sunday 3 to Thursday 7 November 2024.

This will be the 25th Congress in a series of INLA conferences that have become the leading international event that brings together representatives of government, regulatory authorities, nuclear specialists, legal professionals, academics and others involved in nuclear law. The purpose of the Congress is to promote the study of legal issues associated with the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to encourage the exchange of information in this field.

The Nuclear Inter Jura 2024 Congress will be organized in Poland by International Nuclear Law Association (INLA) jointly and in cooperation with the Lower Silesian Institute for Energy Studies (DISE Energy).

Lower silesian institute for energy studies (dise)

The Lower Silesian Institute for Energy Studies (, based in Wrocław (Poland), is one of the most important Polish Think Tanks dealing with the issues of energy security and transformation, gas market liberalization, financial management of energy companies and the issues of efficiency of infrastructure projects in the energy sector. DISE is a Foundation joining a group of experienced experts: economic practitioners, managers from the energy and mining industries, as well as representatives of the world of science.

The organization of the Congress by Poland is in line with the objectives of the Strategy and Policy on Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection of the Republic of Poland. Moreover, the Congress will be a particularly important event in the context of preparing national entities and institutions to implement tasks under the Polish Nuclear Power Program (PNPP), as well as tasks and challenges related to the implementation of new technologies in Poland, including small modular reactors (SMRs).

The Congress will be a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas on the performance of those functions at all stages of the nuclear facility life cycle. During the event we will explore new solutions to contemporary challenges and share experiences. It will also be an excellent opportunity to discuss legal and regulatory aspects as regards to new technologies, planned investments, suppliers, local contents, while highlighting the scope of INLA Working Groups’ interests.

Call for papers

Authors are invited to submit in English an abstract of their proposed paper before 30 April 2024. After the closing date, abstracts will only be accepted on an exceptional basis (it does not apply to invited speakers).

Abstracts should be sent by e-mail to the INLA Secretariat: and to The preferred format is MS Word.

The abstract should include:
1) the title of the proposed paper;
2) the full name(s) of the author(s), title, professional affiliation, e-mail address & the presenting authors should be identified;
3) one page maximum summarising the content of the proposed paper.

Authors will be informed of the decision regarding acceptance of their papers by 15 May 2024. Finalised papers shall need to be sent to the above addresses by 1 September 2024. While prospective authors are free to propose the subjects of nuclear law of their choice, the final program will assure consideration of topics within the scope of the overall theme of the Congress and each INLA Working Group’s interests.

INLA Working Group

WG 1 – Safety and Regulation

WG 2 – Nuclear Liability and Insurance

WG 3 – International Nuclear Trade/New Build

WG 4 – Radiological Protection

WG 5 – Radioactive Waste Management

WG 6 – Nuclear Security and Non-Proliferation

WG 7 – Nuclear Transport

WG 8 – Nuclear Fusion

Preliminary program highlights

Nuclear Inter Jura Congress 2024 is focused on “Nuclear New Build Renaissance: In Search for New Approaches to Legal and Regulatory Challenges”. The examination of topics will consider i.a.:

Nuclear Inter Jura 2024 – 03 to 07 November 2024

3 November, Sunday

Welcome Reception

Day 1
4 November, Monday

Polish Nuclear Power Programme and the Way Forward

including topics such as: nuclear new build in Poland, planned projects, regulators’ discussions, international nuclear trade, and more.

Day 2
5 November, Tuesday

Legal Challenges and Regulatory Effectiveness

New Approaches– including topics such as: Safety and Regulation, Nuclear Liability and Insurance, Radiation Protection and Waste Management, Nuclear Transport, Nuclear Security and Non-Proliferation

Day 3
6 November, Wednesday

Advanced Nuclear Technologies

including topics such as: advanced nuclear power projects (SMR, MMR, HTGR, Fusion), standardization and harmonization of regulatory systems for advanced nuclear technologies, and more.

Day 4
7 November, Thursday

Local Content and Suppliers‘ Day

including topics such as: contractual challenges and possible solutions, suppliers’ certification and accreditation challenges, codes and standards, and more.