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The International Nuclear Law Association is non-profitable scientific and educational organization consisting of approximately 500 members – individuals, spread over 60 countries, who represent international or government agencies, nuclear-oriented corporations and educational institutions, such as universities or think-tanks.

Individual Membership

Membership fee

€ 200

Membership Retired
(age 60 and Retired)

€ 75

Membership Student

€ 50

* Outside EU

+ € 10

Corporate Membership


€ 10.000


€ 8.000


€ 5.000


€ 2.000



Corporate membership

DIAMOND Member 10.000 €
Right to nominate 10 individual members/right to organize 10 hours/year workshops

GOLDEN Member 8.000 €
Right to nominate 8 individual members/right to organize 8 hours/year workshops

SILVER Member 5.000 €
Right to nominate 5 individual members/right to organize 5 hours/year workshops

BRONZE Member 2.000 €
Right to nominate 2 individual members/right to organize 2 hours/year workshops


* Right to nominate a number of individual persons considered as being ordinary members with voting rights:

– Diamond : 10 persons
– Golden : 8 persons
– Silver: 5 persons
– Bronze: 2 persons

* Right to organize virtual or physical workshops with access to all the members but through the channel of the Secretariat General:

– Diamond : 10 hours / year
– Golden : 8 hours / year
– Silver: 5 hours / year
– Bronze: 2 hours / year

* Right to publicize (proportionally) scientific contributions in newsletters and on the website (provided they present a sufficient quality – a quality check can be exercised by the members of the Board and by the Secretariat/Scientific Advisor).

* Right to intervene (proportionally) in the INLA Congresses (subject to quality check, cf. supra).

* Right for systematic (and proportional) publicity on our website and publications including those relating to the INLA congresses.

Next event

Warsaw, 3-7 November

International Nuclear Law Association (INLA) Congress 2024

Save the date and mark your calendars for the 25th Nuclear Inter Jura Congress, which will take place in Warsaw, Poland, from Sunday 3 to Thursday 7 November 2024.

This will be the 25th Congress in a series of INLA conferences that have become the leading international event that brings together representatives of government, regulatory authorities, nuclear specialists, legal professionals, academics and others involved in nuclear law. The purpose of the Congress is to promote the study of legal issues associated with the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to encourage the exchange of information in this field.

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International Nuclear Law Association (INLA) Congress 2024

Warsaw, Poland