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Madrid, 10 May 2024

Workshop on Nuclear Law

Proceedings of the Workshop hosted by Evelyne Ameye, president of INLA Spain and Octavio Canseco, secretary of INLA Spain.

Madrid, Spain

Nuclear Law Conference 2023

Proceedings of the Conference hosted by Evelyne Ameye, president of INLA Spain, and Luis Robles, secretary of INLA Spain, where the Developments in Nuclear Law were tackled from multiple angles by prominent speakers, both in English and Spanish.

Washington, DC

Nuclear Inter Jura ’22

The INLA 2022 Congress was organized around each of the INLA Working Groups’ topics of interest, examining the multitude of legal and regulatory issues presented in 2022, the 50th Anniversary of INLA, as nuclear power moves rapidly into new and emerging arenas in support of global “no-carbon” initiatives.

Virtual Congress

Nuclear Inter Jura ’21

Structured around the INLA Working Groups’ areas of interest, the proceedings reflect the breadth of INLA interests, insights and legal expertise available to serve the industry for the next 50 years of INLA participation in the international nuclear community.

Abu Dhabi

Nuclear Inter Jura ’18

Proceedings of the 23th Nuclear Inter Jura Congress, INLA, held in Abu Dhabi (UAE) from 4 to 8 November 2018

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